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(no subject) [Nov. 4th, 2029|07:43 am]

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Wedding day 03.08.15 [Jul. 2nd, 2015|12:35 pm]

Wedding day!

So i decided to put my heart on blogging about my wedding day. Thinking back, i cant decide if i want to live that day again because it was a really happy and awesome day yet it was so tiring. Physically and mentally tiring.

So the morning of the wedding..
this is my make up artiste Xara Lee together with her partner Irene who was doing my hair. She was awesome and cater very well to what kind of make up you would want. My package was $988. I had a bridal make up trial 1 week before the wedding day and morning and evening make up and hair. and i like how each of them can concentrate on the make up or the hair cus some packages had 1 person doing both the make up and hair.

The family potrait! love the color coordinates.

The groom and his team.

Of course, my awesome sisters bargaining for something.

Our gatecrash was "escape" style with riddles and puzzles to solve.

and when finally all was done, the groom got to get his bride of course. the typical, the groom kisses the bride with the brothers and sisters cheering on shot.


Going over to his place.

:) 2

Back to waterway woodcress.


Changed to KUA and had CJ over to jump on the bed. :D

and then back to 娘家.

Full family potrait with popo!

Then it was a series of tea ceremony. and then to the hotel to prep for the eveing.

Solemnisation. It was quite a rush despite my banquet being at night. cant imagine if it's lunch.

Alex saying his vows.

and we're married!!!

one of the tings i was proud of for the wedding. few months before the wedding, we went to legoland in JB to buy those mini lego figurines. it was a long story. we didnt buy the tickets to go in or went to the theme park but the shop was located just inside the gates of the theme park. we had to lie and beg for a ticket and things like that to make it in to the shop to buy 300 mini figurines for this purpose.
Set up a "Lego Bar" where guests can come and make or choose their own lego figurines. and under no obligations, they can make a donation to the Singapore Cancer Society. Why not use the opportunity and the happy moment to do some charity!
and we managed to raise almost 300 sgd for the charity! Kudos to everybody's big hearts!

at the reception.

The sword bearers of the night.

and it was the much awaited march in. i dont remember much. the moment was too overwhelming.

and there was a 10 seconds long kiss...

and a ride up the stage later... it was done

The pretty magnificient banquet at Swissotel The Stamford that night.

The 2nd march in was also made a little different by having a bunch of balloons which was a sweet surprise by the husband knowing that i actually wanted to plan for a march in with balloons but never got the time to settle it. of course, stating the obvious, my 2 cute niece and nephew doing the march in with us. everyone was clapping happily at how cute they were!

the champagne popping.

and the yam seng.

oh, had to sneak this photo in. one of my sisters working really hard to settle my dress and hiding from the group photos. really. it was so much work. she was awesome so are the rests!


last photo of the night. a union of 2 families. :)

and....i did it. i blogged about our wedding. haha.
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Snip. [Jun. 25th, 2015|02:06 am]

I have had long hair for as far as i can decide the hairstyle for myself. When i was young, my mum always wanted a boy so she gave me a tomboy haircut. Haha. Not true. But somehow she gave me a tomboy haircut, the hot n humid weather she claimed. Which made me always wanted long hair when i grow. Up. And just a few days back, i changed my mind. I was bored of my long hair. Lifeless and with splitted ends. I have tried many things to my long hair before. Tried bleaching and blonding it, tried perming and straightening it..tried many many funny colors on it and today i have damaged it..so i thought...might as well. Nip it in the bud. Snip it from the roots.

Okay so here was my nong nong hair for a nong nong time. Be warned of explicit and disturbing selfies to come..

Basically long and quite the boring hair dont ya think.

So now...after snipping it...im this...

Still quite satisfied with it but yea. But feel a lill' 可惜 about my long hair. Haha. But its okay..it will grow back. In no time..it will.

Anyway. Got this haircut from Midori herself and Midori hairmake. She's like the best hairstylist i have been to but quite pricey. Good to go for change in hairstyle. Cus my theory is that she will cut the first change for you and you pay more for like the 'template' and subsequently can go other cheaper stylist to maintain the hairstyle..haha. that works.

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The Missing Pan. [Jun. 24th, 2015|02:11 pm]
So located at 619D at Bukit Timah Rd is this nice lill place called The Missing Pan.
Its been long time since we went cafe hunting, maybe due to how busy we are, how broke we are after the renovation and wedding, or how we want to start eating healthy. (mainly how broke we are. haha). so this beautiful Sunday afternoon, after my tiring morning shift, we went to The Missing Pan to try it out!

This is it.

We were led upstairs for our seats right by the window. it was a really cosy cafe, so cosy that we could here all the other conversations people were having. haha. but it was in a nice way i guess. i liked it. not that i liked to eavesdrop on people but the ambience and the setting makes the whole place very...friendly and relaxing for the sunday afternoon. Good to just sit by the window and watch the world go by and sip away the latte and bask in the warm Sunday afternoon sun especially with your love ones. :)

After many pictures later....its time to dig in!

Alex's order was their breakfast platter. it was good. :)

and mine was the salmon gravlax eggs benedict. it was not bad too.

and after much contemplating, mostly cus Alex figured that it was going to be my treat, we decided to also get the truffle fries as we saw the opposite table ordering and the smell or truffle was irresistable. Yeap, we ended up ordering too much but managed to stuff ourselves silly.

The bill amounted in all to about $65.90. Pricey but well spent i guess. for the food and the nice and peaceful sunday afternoon spent. :D

Will definitely be back again when I have the extra cash to spend. HAHA.
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Last Weekend. [Jun. 24th, 2015|01:49 pm]
It was a Saturday off and we decided to take CJ out for a walk!

For a starter, we brought him out to some malls where there's plenty of amenities like the toilets ( for obvious reasons), supermarket (if he needs some yogurt treats), variety of restaurants to choose from ( in case he gets hungry although he did packed a small piece of bread for himself in that cute sulley bag :) ).

Coincidentally and fortunately ( CJ's current favourite is the soldiers) or unfortunately ( cus of the traffic), it was the NE show and there were plenty of soldiers walking around the area with one long line of tanks and military vehicles around. it got CJ very excited and patriotic. haha. he was saluting at every soldier that walked past him. and calling " ARMY ARMY!" excitedly and very repeatedly. -_-"

Confession though, i wanted to bring him to the indoor playground at suntec much like the fun dazzle place we used to have when we were young but it will cost me $27.90 although its for day pass but we can only have an hour there. so cheapskate me did not buy him the pass and instead, we walked over to Marina Square and there was this exhibition going on. and there were indoor playground..for free! so nobody sprained any muscles there!

See, he was totally enjoying himself. Even with the photobooth. he just keeps going to the stand and getting this signs and asking us to take pictures for him as he posed.

and it was a great short trip with little CJ. He's really a good boy and he automatically holds your hand and wont run more than like 5 steps ahead of you unless you tell him " dont worry, go ahead and run, im behind you" and even that he makes sure you are behind him or in his sight all the time. Such a darling is he!!!  :D

anybody wants to rent his little boy for a day?
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on getting wedded. soon. [Sep. 23rd, 2014|04:35 pm]

Its been a long time since i blogged..

*dust cobwebs away

Today im returning with one blog post. Lets then talk about the wedding prep since this is probably the biggest thing on my mind now.

8th of March 2015 if anybody who is reading this dont already know.

So far so good. But i have plenty of thoughts about the wedding prep. Yes, im super like excited yet super worried. About many things. Its about 6months or less to the wedding. It seems like its still farrrrr away and you know, take a chill pill but at the same time im worried about things. Esp when the house is also on the way. Yes, same period. Not sure to be excited or worried. Cant decide. On top of this, im taking up adv dip this month too. Triple whammy.

Wedding prep.

I hate it that sometime along the planning we are so focused on the task that we failed to take a step back and look at us. I mean the wedding is happening because we are gg to get married , cus we love each other. But somewhere along the planning, i dont see love. I dont know its like we became co workers focusing on getting tasks done. Maybe i expect more of like gazing lovingly at each other, holding hands and deciding our wedding songs together? Now its just i send you an email addressed to your name (not even dear) and as i attached MY chosen songlist, i conveniently added in my email " for your persual, regards , my name". Such is reality. Everybody now sing " where is the love~" this is just one example of the many throughout the planning of the wedding. Really shldnt it be more love in it...

Yes, it takes 2 hands to clap. I have spoken to Alex about how this feels to me and we promised or at least i made us promise that this shouldnt be. We should always keep in mind we are doing this cus of us and lets not forget the love while doing it. Sorry im such a difficult to deal with bride to be but i find it really meaningless if this carries on.

Getting married

I am starting to get qualms about getting married. I mean the last i remembered i was really sure about it. Not sure if this is the cold feet but as time draws near im...doubtful alittle. Not such a good thing to mention on such a platform but hey, i dont want to only just be like telling the whole world how happy i am when in truth such problem exists. Im starting to like find this whole thing very surreal. Marriage?! Co existing with another human being?! Haviing ahouse to call my own?! Starting a famiily?! Having like addition to my own family nucleus that i was familair with ( in laws) !? Being ma-freaking-rried?! Suddenly i start to doubt why did ii rush into all if these?! Suddenly theres like a whole new meaning to marriage more than i initially thought it out to be. Gosh. This IS some jitters.
Man I love

Of course all these nonsense that i have in my mind has been shared with the husband to be and am very fortunate that he is taking in all of these nonsense and still staying real calm. I mean i have cried and sulked over these and still he is clear headed in this and im grateful he . If he is any like me, this wedding could have been well, called off. :x i know up till this point i still sound nothing like positive about getting married but one this i always assure myself with is that, hey, its Alex im marrying. Nothing could go wrong!

Thats all for tonight.


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The experience I dont ever want to have again. [Jun. 18th, 2014|07:25 pm]

Just last weekend, I was still eating a lot and enjoying the weekends till Sunday. The fateful day.

3rd consecutive Sunday to play badminton with a group of enthusiasts. In the morning, we went to have some porridge nearby my place and little will i know, that was my last proper meal for a good 2 days.

After having that, we were on our way to the sports hall for badminton when i felt a sudden onset of tummy pain, somewhat crampy kinda pain right around the belly button area. Thinking it was probably just some ingestion, i didnt took it too seriously. Maybe i will just need the toilet and all will be fine. so that pain persisted for a while.

Following that, I still managed to play for like 2 hours of badminton despite the pain. So the pain wasnt very bad, just a dull pain. negligible pain.

after that i went home and the pain got worse and its on the right lower abdomen. and its been rather constant. i am not new to abdominal pain. gastric pains are those on the upper left of the abdomen. Sharp pain. Pain after eating cus of gastric pain will on the left side but slightly lower and sharp pain as well. then you have the too much gas in abdomen pain. relieve by going to toilet. :X then also GE pains, crampy pains right in the middle on the abdomen. But this pain, its been constant and migrated from somewhere around the belly button to the bottom right side. I couldnt stand up straight, worsens when walking and moving, relieves a lill when you curl on in bed lying down. As a surgical nurse, i am trained to recognize signs of appendicitis. Let's walk through it together.

Of course right lower side pain (McBurney's  point)


I also tried the rebound tenderness on myself. meaning, pressing down at the Mcburney's point and then letting go immediately and that should give you more pain.

I listened to my bowel sounds using my sethoscope, indeed very diminished. l

But in all denial, i wanted to find a GP to verify that that wasnt appendicitis. i found a clinic after walking quite a distant ( it was a Sun ) and paid a hefty $58.80 just for the doctor to tell me well, nothing. He didnt even gave me a proper assessment. I was sitting on a chair when he tried to do some palpating. oh yea, like you can get an accurate assessment by doing that. he didnt even alcohol rub his hands. i was so angry. >:( he couldnt answer any of my questions without the word " depending". i left the clinic, refusing any of his prescribed medications.

Still in denial, i intended to go home, sleep the pain off and tomorrow will be a better day only that Alex didnt allow me to do that. Came over and forced me out of bed to SGH A&E. good thing that was done although against my wishes. i didnt want to go cus being a nurse myself i know what are the standard procedures when you present at A&E with this kinda symptoms. you get a drip, you get many scans, you get drawn tubes of bloods. and really, getting warded was the last thing on my mind MUCH LESS A SURGERY.

So at the A&E it was a start of a looooong waiting time. First was the screening station, no wait for that cus there wasnt any Q. Then to triage where we waited for about 10minutes. Then to registration where we waited for about 5minutes. Then to waiting to see the doctor. We waited for about 1hour 45mins?????? :(

then when i got to see the doctor, was examined and bloods taken, plug set. the standards. Was told to go for an abdominal xray and then to await review by a gynaecology to rule out any gynaecology problems. Standard procedure for all abdominal pain in woman. took about 15minutes to finish the xray and was again waiting at the waiting area. in about another 20mins, the nurse came to me with a pint of drip. and she was like " the doctor said you did not drink water, you have 3 pints to run" and she gave me like a shocked face.
Lesson no. 1 learnt : do not scare your patient. if i dont have prior knowledge i will think i really have some serious problems.

Then Alex had to leave for a while to get battery packs from a friend as both of our phones were running low on batt. so he went to get battery pack from a friend who stayed nearby. while i was left alone with the drip on. then after a while the same nurse came back to me and was like, "you need to be started on anitbiotics now. your total white blood cells is 20k!" and gave me another 'this is very serious' look.
lesson #2 : try not to scare your patient with your expression.

So following that, i was put on antibiotics rocephine and flagyl. and wheeled back to the doctor's room this time with another doctor there. i assumed he's the consultant? so they told me most likely it could be appendicitis but hospital protocol is must be cleared by gynae first and that the gynae doctors were in the operating theatre and not due till like another hour later maybe? i have already waited for like 2 hours plus by then. :(

Then Alex came back with his friend jie yong. He was nice enough to stay around with us to wait. and it was already pretty late. and they finally wheeled me to the gynae clinic for an ultrasound to be done. after the gynae confirmed that i was cleared, they proceed to admit me into the surgical ward and then the nightmare started. D':

so i shall skip the process of informing my family members cus its always hard to break this kinda news and im really bad at it. i left the job to poor Alex who had to inform my sister and my mother. :X

and all of them came down for my admission to the ward. haha.
it was pretty late by then. about 12am already. so after admission was done my parents, jie jie and jie fu left for home. Alex left after awhile too and i was left alone.  Doctor took a while to come. ( some more waiting)  and it was about 1 plus when they did. and after they confirmed it to be appendicitis, they scheduled me for the surgery the same night. boy, i was scared. :S

Called Alex immediately and had him to coordinate that with my family members again. Poor Alex again. but i was too like scared to like ease my family members of their worry. i was worried myself what.

and i waited again. As 'Emergency-op' has no timing, all i could do again was wait. then 215 am i was called to the OT. Texted Alex that i was going in to the OT and my phone will be handed over to the nurse so i could not contact them anymore. Told him not to come down as he just reached home not long ago plus i will be in the OT anyway. but he insisted.

Then again came the looong wait, i waited till about 415 before going onto the OT table. that 1 hour plus was the most agonising of the whole journey. with nothing to entertain me, my thought went mtf wild. D: i even regretted not writing a will. that Operating theatre is where i had my attachments during my student days and had witnessed quite a few surgery and have seen the horrors of it and how the surgeries were carried out. knowing this much only made me more worried. :( so all i could remember was, i was given oxygen to pre ventilate before the intubation later on. D: and they gave me the anesthetic agent through the plug and then within seconds i was knocked out.

The next thing i could remember, people were calling my name and then i felt like i was choking and something very uncomfortable in my throat as they told me they were going to remove the tube. D:
and then the next next thing i knew, i was slowly gaining consciousness and felt really restless. i felt a lot of pain every where, esp in my abdomen. there were pain in my throat as well. and then the anesthetist were telling me a lot of things i couldnt even register. she was saying i had some marks on my face caused by the taping of the tube. and then my eyes were puffy maybe due to the medication. whatever blah blah blah. i was just concern about the pain man. and relieve at the fact that i was still alive. they gave me morphine for the pain and i think i knocked out again for a while and then i was quite awake after i woke again though still sleepy.

finally after looong waiting, they sent me back to the ward. that was already about 8am! after they put me back in my bed in the ward, took my vitals and all, all i wanted was to see someone i know but......Alex wasnt in sight. :(  so i called a nurse into get him here.

and he finally came! honestly at that point, i never felt that happy to see him. never felt so relieved to see him. I guess he wasnt that good with words or consoling me , (or maybe he was also scared? haha) he did not say much or do much but just there with me. and i couldnt help but cried. :'(

and then i was falling in and out of sleep. like i wanted to stay awake but i kept falling asleep and then waking up and then fallling asleep. and repeat. from then on, things became better!

After being through this, i realised there were so many many many people that cared about me. :D
Of course, Alex, my family. and many friends.
my sisters at work and colleagues in NDU came to visit me that afternoon with a fruit basket from the department. :D i felt really humbled they came. then there was SGH friends, Clara, Doris, Angie, Weiqin who came by. Then Weiling  who dropped by after work. :D chatted with me and made me laugh cus its really painful to laugh with wounds on ur tummy. then my lao peng yous, Ginger, Yanling liting and agnes, bringing me cute things, there was a handmade balloon, a magazine and a cute pooh which accompanied me through the night!  Hui luan who came by but couldnt come up because of the tight security. My xiaoyi and xiaoyi zhang. :D

This hospitalization has really really made me see how damn fortunate i am and appreciate my work as a nurse more.
Apart from those who came to visit me, there were many others who dropped me messages asking how am i. im really good, recovering very well with all your love. really. all your love, prayers and thoughts. i am damn lucky. :)

Day 3 of post op, im eating very well ( thought i could lose some weight but at this rate im gona put on more weight then before)
Thank god for this experience although not the best but learnt so much from it.


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(no subject) [May. 16th, 2014|11:26 pm]

nobody can understand this pain.


maybe someone can. just not anyone of you.

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(no subject) [May. 5th, 2014|09:08 pm]

all these pain im going through.

it had better get better.


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(no subject) [Apr. 30th, 2014|09:15 pm]

im now afraid of light

sad me..

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